Monica Reid

Monica started her career in performing arts as an actor and dramaturg. She fell in love with audio during covid (along with the rest of Melbourne in lockdown!) and decided to make a career change and apply for Radio and Podcasting at AFTRS. Since making the move to Sydney she has found her groove as a producer. Hoping to one day become an executive producer on breakfast radio. She loves talking to her peers in the AFTRS community and is really excited about the upcoming AFTRS FM broadcast!

Gareth Thomson

Gareth is passionate about all things radio and audio. Hopelessly curious, he has a budding interest in news and current affairs, which he looks forward to exploring during AFTRS FM. Gareth can be found interviewing anyone and everyone with a great story to tell, or applying caffeine to his situation at the Cine café.

Josh Pierce

Josh Pierce loves ALL things radio and it is this passion for radio that saw him on a journey to get through the doors at AFTRS. From TAFE to AFTRS Josh hopes one day that his love for radio and sport can be combined. Josh’s dream is to one day be a sports commentator for the NRL working at one of his favourite radio stations, SEN 117 or ABC Sport.

Matthew McDonald

Matt is already spinning tracks on the radio with the Super Radio Network, but he wanted to join AFTRS to sharpen his skill set and make the most of the learning environment.

Alana Calvert

Experienced creative journalist and editor with a demonstrated history of working in both print and digital media in rural and metropolitan newsrooms. Entire journalism career has been built in fast-paced, high-pressure newsrooms where I’ve been responsible for covering and editing local, national and global news items as well as politics, lifestyle, culture and entertainment content.
Highly skilled in social media with an in-depth knowledge of how to best engage audiences with these channels. Additional experience includes agriculture (experience and theory), working for not-for-profit organisations and photo-journalism.

Joey Zhou

Joey Zhou is from China. She has more than ten years of experience as a journalist and news broadcaster. She is currently studying at AFTRS Graduate Diploma of Radio & Podcasting. She is passionate about sharing stories and news and hopes to become a multilingual storyteller.

Sarah Young

Sarah Kate Young is a comedian and award-winning writer who fell in love with audio storytelling and podcasts more than a decade ago. Sarah Kate has an extensive history of live performing that spans across improv, stand-up comedy, theatre, television and voice acting – basically every profession that would disappoint her parents.  

Zackery Blank

Zackery is a first-year AFTRS student, and loves all things radio and podcasting.