What is AFTRS FM?


AFTRS FM is an innovative, original and upbeat radio station that provides compelling and informative stories, featuring a range of opinions and perspectives . It strives to deliver a strong sense of community, characteristic of AFTRS staff and students.

With a combination of news, current affairs and specialist topics, AFTRS FM’S mission is to inform you on the information you need to know. AFTRS FM provides a space for educational and provocative listening experiences through the wide range of topics covered.

AFTRS FM aims to celebrate the newest in Alternative/Indie music highlighting Australian artists and extended conversations around how the music is showcased.

The station offers a well-informed collective voice that makes you feel assured and enlightened by offering information that is important to you.

AFTRS FM is the work of the 2022 Graduate Diploma in Radio & Podcasting students of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.