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Equal Pay Day

Gender inequality continues to be a big topic of discussion in the day’s current affairs, as former Prime minister John Howard says that a fifty-fifty gender balance in parliament is unlikely, because women still play the greater caring role in society. The former PM was speaking to the National Press Club when he explained his…

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Poker Machines

For anyone that’s even a little bit acquainted with Sydney’s nightlife, poker machines are a pretty ubiquitous presence. Their multi-coloured lights and jangling sound effects are just part and parcel of the atmosphere that defines many of Sydney’s pubs, RSL’s and clubs. But what harm is this sense of normalcy causing us as a society?…

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Aboriginal Housing

Today in Victoria it was announced that a total of 1500 homes will transfer ownership to Aboriginal Housing Victoria, with 511 of these homes to be transferred on Monday.   Housing Minister Martin Foley said “transferring the ownership would allow the organisation to better manage its housing stock”.   Nick Foa, Director of Victoria’s Housing…

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