Worth It

Hi I’m Annaliese, but my friends call me Anny. I have gone on a journey through audio of me starting a new job halfway through my studies at AFTRS. I am currently studying a Graduate Diplomer in Radio and Podcasting, when halfway through my course I got offered my dream job in a small regional town where I know no one. Obviously, it was super nerve racking as it happened so quickly- I was going to a place where I knew no one to start something I had been working for my whole career… but! I just want to say it was all worth it. I am enjoying every minute of my new surroundings. It’s defiantly different but honestly, I had nothing to worry about. I guess this is me just giving some advice from my own life experience:

Being nervous to begin with was totally normal. Give everything a chance because I believe you learn and get an experience from everything. 

So, I hope with me being the test dummy you’ll take every opportunity too. Good Luck on your adventure. 

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