Why Do Telstra Public Phones Still Serve A Purpose?

Melbourne, Australia - August 27, 2013: Telstra Australian telephone booth on a dark suburban street at night.

Episode 5 of Bit Going On surveys Telstra’s newest initiatives in the last month to make Public Phones available free of charge.

There are 15,000 phone booths across Australia, which have been apart of an investment that will cost Telstra $5 million dollars a year to keep running, but will be saving $1 million dollars in coin collection.

Podcast Producer Tom Denham dives into the conversations around why the phone company have made this movement and explores deeper stories of how public access phones have helped provide communication and even hope over the years.

You can listen to today’s episode here and discover previous instalments on our dedicated webpage.

This episode will air on iHeartRadio on Monday’s forthcoming broadcast of Mornings with Tom Denham.

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