The Post Conspiracists Cabaret

There’s joke that the 60’s in Australia did not really start until the 70’s. The 70’s in Sydney was a period of dramatic cultural transition and became the genesis for many of Sydney’s most defining cultural features today, including the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.  

Last week we had Lesa-Belle Furhagen and Toby Creswell in the AFTRS FM studio to chat about their roles as curators of the Sedition Festival.  

The month-long festival which kicked off last Saturday celebrates the public art and protest of that period through music, talks, cinema, art and even Post Conspiracist Cabaret! 

Vashti Hughes, an organiser and performer for the Post Conspiracist Cabaret spoke to AFTRS FM about what we can expect from the upcoming shows on Friday, 13 September and Saturday, 14 September at the East Sydney Community and Art Centre in Darlinghurst.  

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“The show celebrates the 1979 birth of the radical performance group Cabaret Conspiracy, which was performed by two drag queens, Doris Fish and Sandra Lamont. So, we have named ourselves the Post Conspiracist Cabaret.” 

The Post Conspiracist Cabaret is a key event in the Sedition Festival and celebrates Sydney’s underground entertainment culture. Vashti Hughes believes it’s important to explore more of this retrospective, ‘Seditious’ entertainment so that we can keep the messages alive.  

“We have seen a recent resurgence of cabaret and underground entertainment in Sydney and its roots in the 1970s. Much of what was subversive then remains subversive today”  

The show itself will be stacked with a line-up of familiar performers the likes of Betty Grumble, Christa Hughes, Imogen Kelly, Drew Fairley, Celia Curtis and Ross Johnston, Aaron Manhattan and NICOLA, and Dyan Tai. 

Tickets are selling fast so get in quick. You can purchase tickets in the link below.

For more information on the Sedition Festival, visit the website below.

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