The Dynamics of a Healthy Relationship

Family, romance, friendship, coworkers and neighbors. All the above involves having a relationship of some sort. 

Relationships most often refers to the connection between family members and consanguinity. 

It is also a state of connectedness between people or communications among persons and groups especially an emotional connection.

Although relationships may seem like an easy thing, it also comes with its complexities.  

Striking a better balance between study and relationships is a completely a different ball game.

Although it’s double, it goes without saying…’it is hard to serve two masters at the same time’. 

“If you can find love for everything you do in your life, you can also find a better balance in managing your relationships well”.

This week Brooke and I took the time to investigate the dynamics in balancing work, study and relationships.

We spoke to students at AFTRS asking them how relationships have impacted on their studies.

We have also had the opportunity to speak to an expert and media personality Jan Fran on what it takes to have some healthy relationships with the ones you love and those which you consider important in your life.

To listen to our on-air conversation, click on the audio link below.

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