Film Students Studying Remotely and Eco-Friendly Living

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On this episode of The Breakdown, Mel Maltby heard from AFTRS film students on their experience studying remotely, and how eco-friendly living has been on hold for many people in recent times, but social media has stepped up to continue spreading awareness. 

AFTRS Film Students on Studying Remotely

The past 2 years has seen the creative arts industry put on hold throughout the world due to COVID-19. The film industry has had to postpone huge productions or find loopholes to continue projects.  

The individuals affected are also AFTRS’ very own film students. With the end of year, and end of course approaching, the students from the Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production, who are in their last year of study, are meant to be filming their final projects.  

This is just one of many obstacles they have encountered due to remote learning. 

Angelina and Faraz from the Bachelor of Arts Screen: Production course are in their final year at AFTRS and spared some time to share their experiences. 

Angelina Tsinganos Cortazzo

Farazbanu Akhalak Ahmad Anarwala

Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle

A subject that has almost been forgotten about amongst the craziness of what is our current situation, is the topic of saving the environment. Our lives may be hold, but mother nature is not. 

There are so many things you could be implementing into your everyday life that could reduce your negative impact on the environment including simple acts that don’t cost any money, but just a change of product on your shopping list. 

The exposure to environmentally friendly choices has increased in recent years as social media has become the main form of communication. 

Joining The Breakdown to chat about the exposure of the eco-friendly lifestyle on social media and environmentally friendly choices we could be making day-to-day, is the Social Media and Marketing Coordinator for Flora & FaunaMatt Thomas.

Matt Thomas

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