Tens of Thousands Protest In Switzerland In Support of Same Sex Marriage

People gather for the Zurich Pride parade in Zurich, Switzerland, Saturday, Sept. 4, 2021. On Sept. 26, 2021 Swiss citizens will vote on the proposal of 'Marriage for everyone' (Ehe fuer alle), allowing marriage for same-sex couples. (Michael Buholzer/Keystone via AP)

The streets have been flooded in Zurich Switzerland in support of same sex marriage. On September 26th the country will hold a referendum to decide whether or not gay marriage should be legalised.

Right now, same sex couple can only apply for a civil union, which does not provide the same rights or freedoms as marriage. The legalisation will make it easier for same sex couples to adopt, as well as making it easier for lesbian couples to accept sperm donations.

Same sex marriage is already common in many European countries, including Germany, Austria, France and the Netherlands.

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