Sydney Locked Out of it’s Own Nightlife

Image by Patty Jansen from Pixabay

Sydney Lock Out Laws have been implemented since February 2014, effecting the Sydney CBD areas of Kings Cross, Darlinghurst, Cockle Bay, The Rocks and Haymarket.

NSW Premier at the time Barry O’Farrell, introduced the Lock Out Laws with the objective to reduce alcohol fuelled violence when teen Daniel Christie died after being king hit.

Even with the good intention in mind, little did they realise how disastrous the effect on the city’s nightlife and economy would be, seeing many businesses forced to close their doors due to the lack of business.

Another circle of people deeply affected by these laws are musicians and live music venues. Many venues have also been slapped with huge noise restrictions and fines, forcing them to close their doors, and many musicians have been forced to look for work in other fields so they can provide for themselves and their families.

Saturday session’s Sam and Kendal, spoke with a publican and musicians about the lock out laws and how they have affected their livelihoods in what seems to be a ‘knock on’ effect.

Across the board, all agreed that the gigs of ten years ago don’t exist anymore, due to venues closing. The gentrification of various areas has seen an increase in residents complaining continuously about the noise of venues. In a scene that was once brimming with choices of live music, this has seen live music rarely being booked, as it has placed restrictions on venues in a way that instead of booking a live band, they may only book one guitarist or even worse, rely on pre-recorded, background music.

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