Stars Shine In Venice for D&G Alta Moda Show

Iconic Fashion Label Dolce & Gabnana invited the biggest celebrities to Venice for their latest Alta Moda runway collection, which translates to high fashion.

From 29 August to 31 August, celebrities such as Doja Cat, Christian Bale, Dame Helen Mirren and Kourtney Kardashian were treated to a spectacle as the runway show took place at St. Mark’s Square for the first time in it’s history.

The fashion was not just on the runway. Plenty of stars shone with their looks while others left a lot to be desired. Here are our picks for best and worst dressed. Did we get it right?


Doja Cat

The 25-year-old pop sensation is our pick for best dressed. Doja was a guest performer and paid homage to the event by wearing this floral gown from Dolce & Gabbana’s 2009 Spring collection.

Jennifer Lopez

The triple threat is proving that she is timeless with this stunning floral cape and strapless crop-top. Lopez has been making headlines recently as she is back together with old flame Ben Affleck but this outfit is sure to get everyone talking.

Jennifer Hudson

The 39-year old singer and actress barely steps a foot wrong and this is no exception! The sequins are a delight and the gold matches her Academy Award statue quite nicely.


P. J. Tucker

The recent NBA Champion with the Milwaukee Bucks is not the worst offender, but pink is most certainly not his colour. The soft green underneath the pink blazer is also a confusing choice.


The latin rap artist seems to have mixed up his laundry. The top half of this outfit is perfectly fine but the choice of pants is a risk that backfired. Doja Cat and J-Lo are proof that if you decide to go floral, you have to fully commit.

Heidi Klum

This is a rare miss for the German supermodel and TV Personality who typically features on the best dressed list. For an extravagant event such as this, the all-black dress comes off a bit bland and the tears on the look give off the vibe that the outfit has been damaged in the wash.

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