Reykjavik Getting A Facelift

On day 1 of Eri Abroad, Eri travels to Iceland.

A street in central Reykjavik is going to get a new look according to the City Planning and Transportation Council.

The plan is to turn the central street-facing Hallgrimskirkja (the church of Hallgrimur), aka: The Giant Church in the centre of the city, into a giant street park filled with beautiful flowerbeds, in hopes to bring a positive effect on cultural life and shops around the area.

The chairman of City Planning and Transportation ensures that these changes won’t hurt the accessibilities of cars on the streets and that the purpose of these changes is to put some emphasis of human life, vegetation, and lighting.

“Here will be a city park where there will be different beds that each interpret the season. So I encourage people to look at the proposals. They are very fun, “says Pawel Bartoszek, chairman of the Reykjavík City Planning and Transportation Council, translated to English.

Photos supplied by Erielle Sudario.

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