Producer Tom Denham Plunges Down The Rabbit Hole

This week so far on the deep-dive podcast ‘The Rabbit Hole’, Producer Tom Denham has taken the fictitious angle and has delivered a serialised audio drama that is nothing short of zany and fun.

In the ongoing story, a mysterious disappearance has occurred, and only a domestic rat may be able to provide the truth.

AFTRS Producer Maybelle Lin says that ‘The Eve of the Rat’ has been “swirly magical fun that transports the listener from place to place, while keeping you thinking.”

Each episode is designed to end on a cliffhanger, to keep you guessing “how will they get out of this one?”

Part Three of The Eve of the Rat premieres tonight on Evenings with Megan and Camille, and can be later found on Acast and iHeartRadio podcasts.

And if you need to catch up, you can listen to Parts One and Two here:

Episode 1: The Eve Of The Rat (Part One)

Written & Produced By Tom Denham

When a young girl mysteriously disappears and her father is presumed deceased, the only available witness to the events is an estranged domestic rat, but does he have all the answers the authorities are after?

Episode 2: The Eve Of The Rat (Part Two)

Written & Produced By Tom Denham

In a rescue to save Tom Denham being eaten alive by a ferocious monster, the truth behind the case of Ruby Hexford is about to be unraveled.

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