Pod Of The Day – Welcome To Night Vale

If you’ve been listening to Mornings with Tom yesterday, you will know that one of his recurring topics across the week will be the Podcast of the Day, where a new podcast will get an opportunity to gather limelight and get featured in the ears of the AFTRS FM audience.

In Round 1, Tom Denham unveiled Welcome To Night Vale as his first choice.

He says that he has been listening to Night Vale since 2013 and has maintained that long-standing and ongoing relationship with the voice of Joseph Fink, the constant voice of the podcast itself.

Welcome To Night Vale is a bi-monthly released podcast which features the setting of a community radio station in the middle of desolated desert America, where the sleepy town of Night Vale plays hosts to a series of strange occurrences and absurd imagery.

It’s famously described as “the news from Lake Wobegon as seen through the eyes of Stephen King”.

It also features a new song submission in every episode, usually when the weather should play, to make it feel like a real-life radio station, immersing the listener into the experience.

Night Vale has since become a highly successful podcast, numerously ranked in the Top 10 most streamed podcasts on Apple and has even featured on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

If you would like to hear what the podcast sounds like, you can hear Episode 1 here:

Be sure to tune in with Mornings with Tom today from 9-11am to hear what today’s podcast recommendation will be!

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