Pill Testing at Festivals. We Welcomed a Healthy Debate

We asked you what issues are relevant in your life and you said you wanted information surrounding live music and drugs.

Pill testing is currently not happening at NSW music festivals. Source: ABC

So ‘Drive with Tyler and Patty D’ got stuck into the pill testing debate with three professionals who have strong opinions on the use of pill testing facilities at festivals across NSW.

Our studio guests included:

Satyajeet Marar – a Sydney-based writer and Director of Policy at the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance. He writes social and political commentary for a wide range of publications, including Quadrant, the Herald Sun and the Daily Telegraph. 

Aidan Baron – a Paramedic, Researcher and Medical Student from Sydney Australia. He has worked at numerous music festivals as a paramedic and has also supervised medical teams at music festivals across Australia. His areas of interest include evidence-based medicine education, and patient advocacy and the ethical usage of social media by healthcare professionals. 

Dr Robert Page – the Co-Director and NSW State Convenor of NGO ‘The Loop’. Rob is a Sydney-based GP who believes strongly in the provision of high-quality care to people who use drugs and other marginalised populations, and in the value of investment in harm reduction services. Alongside clinical work with people who are homeless and people who use drugs, he works with peer and user organisations to deliver education and training on substance use, drug-related health issues and harm reduction. 

Left to right: Aidan, Satyajeet, Patty D, Tyler and Robert.

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