Mitch Churi is Australia’s Answer To Late Night Radio Greatness.. And We’re Here For It.

From rubbing sweaty shoulders with Dua Lipa in Hamilton Island (his, not hers), to making his moment in the radio pit ‘cluck’, to taking the time to keep connected to each and everyone of his listeners, Mitch Churi truly is in a league of his own, he took the time out of his busy life to chat to Megan and Natalie from AFTRS FM Saturday Breakfast.

Hosting his very own show that bares his name, Mitch Churi didn’t always have radio at the top of his to do list, but like a rooster to water, Churi utilised his theatrical roots to firmly solidify his place in radio.

But it wasn’t easy Mitch says “it’s tough, you’ve gotta be really good.” Mitch continued “You’ve just gotta work really hard… I believe you have to say yes to everything… but learning to say no is also a skill in itself..”

Churi said “My show could have been nothing, but I begged for that show I really worked hard to do the night slot…” Mitch continued. “I pitched Mitch to Midnight and if I didn’t put the same amount of effort, the show would just be a 3 hour live, could have been a pre-recorded music show, that just happens… but I knew what I wanted, and I really have tried to make that happen. So, If you know what you want, you have to be the one to make it happen, you’ve gotta hustle for it.”

Wise words from one of the most successful radio powerhouses in the industry right now and we cannot wait to see what he does next! He. Is. An. ICON.

Catch the full interview below:

Catch Mitch Churi on Mitch to Midnight, weeknights on KIIS FM.

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