Making a Big Difference, One Shitbox at a Time.

Now in it’s tenth year, the Shitbox Rally has been one The Cancer Councils biggest contributors, raising in excess of $1,795,000.00 in this year alone.

It all began when founder, James Freeman lost both his parents to this tragic disease that touches the lives of so many in one way or another. This heartbreak motivated him to actively devise a plan that would grow so popular, that in the year 2019, two rallies would be held, to assist funding research to help find a cure.

Doomadgee QLD. The long road ahead…..

Growing in popularity year by year, the rally hosts 550 participants who travel from one point of Australia to another in a car worth no more than $1,000.00, thus deeming it a ‘Shitbox’.

Cars breakdown, things go wrong and there’s always a healthy measure of ‘bush mechanics’ going on at any one given time. The 550 participants begin as strangers and by the time the week is out, you walk away with friends for life. Everyone is there to support each other and it truly is a one of a kind experience.

A Water Crossing – Gregory, Queensland

You’re cleaning red dust out of your belongings for weeks to come, but that’s not even a mark on the sights, sounds and smells you’ll experienced throughout the week.

While this may not be for everyone, there is still an opportunity to donate. Our team, Right Turn Clyde will be participating in the 2020 Autumn season from Alice Springs to Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria.

Go to – teams and search for Right Turn Clyde.

Calvert, Nitmiluk National Park and Creswell.

Shitbox Rally 2019 Spring will be held October 19th to October 25th, travelling from Melbourne to Townsville via Birdsville

Shitbox Rally 2020 Autumn will be held May 23rd to May 29th, travelling from Alice Springs to Gold Coast via the Gulf of Carpentaria.

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