Film Students vs Lockdown

Mel Maltby interviews Angelina Tsinganos Cortazzo.

Due to the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19, the Creative Arts industry has been put on hold. Namely, the Film Industry has taken a huge hit as production consists of hundreds of people to be present on a set in order for the job to go ahead. Measures have been put in place like mask wearing and hidden techniques to get shots of people touching. However, it just isn’t the same.

The AFTRS film students are also among the many people in the industry affected by the restrictions. Students in their final year are meant to be completing their final projects which includes production, casting, filming… you name it! And none of these aspects are able to be done in their usual way proving it difficult to do the task at hand.

The semester has been pushed back 2 weeks in hopes restrictions ease and students can get some hands-on experience in their final weeks. Many subjects have been delayed such as cinematography and production design, and are due to finish next year. This means lots of students who are meant to graduate and finish classes this year, won’t be done until 2022.

Mel Maltby has a chat to Angelina Tsinganos Cortazzo, about her experience as an AFTRS film student completing the course during Sydney’s strictest COVID-19 lockdown.

“I was blessed to have a first year that was relatively normal. Obviously the last two years have been… what they’ve been. It’s kind of made it a very unique experience. I’ve definitely learned a lot about self motivation and trying to keep myself going.” – Angelina Tsinganos Cortazzo

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