Down The Rabbit Hole

Journey down the rabbit hole and descend into the complexly bizarre, theoretically absurd, and artificially authentic aspects of modern life. Exploring fact and fiction, reality and imagination, the rabbit hole is a podcast that promises nothing more than to be an enthralling experience.

Episode 1: The Eve Of The Rat (Part One)

Written & Produced By Tom Denham

When a young girl mysteriously disappears and her father is presumed deceased, the only available witness to the events is an estranged domestic rat, but does he have all the answers the authorities are after?

Episode 2: The Eve Of The Rat (Part Two)

Written & Produced By Tom Denham

In a rescue to save Tom Denham being eaten alive by a ferocious monster, the truth behind the case of Ruby Hexford is about to be unraveled.

Episode 3: The Eve Of The Rat (Part Three)

Written & Produced By Tom Denham

In the epic conclusion to this rattish tale, Tom Denham unearths more about his acquaintances than he bargained for.

Episode 4: Nine Perfect Strangers

Produced By Grace Rouvray

Well its lockdown…still. Somehow and always so perfectly well timed a stack of bingeable shows make their debut. Last year we got Unorthodox, the intensely perfect Normal People and of course the ridiculous Tiger King. This year we have Mare of East Town, White Lotus and Amazon Series Nine Perfect Strangers. We deep dive into the show with cast member Zoe Terakes

Episode 5: Travis Barker and his fear of flying

Produced By Grace Rouvray

Blink 182 Drummer, Travis Barker was in a horrific plane crash 13 years and hasn’t been on a plane since. Today on Rabbit Hole we discuss Travis’s accident and how fears can manifest out of trauma or phobia.

Episode 6: RAD FM

Produced by Fenella Jamieson & Paddy Rees

Join Stevo, the number one Radio Announcer on the Number Radio Station – RAD FM. RAD FM plays all the right tunes to get you through and distract you from what is really going on outside…

Episode 7: The Rain Brigade

Produced by Fenella Jamieson & Paddy Rees

Living along side Mother Nature and her ups and downs is a key component of the human experience. This episode of The Rabbit Hole explores this concept through a spoken word poem written by Paddy Rees.

Episode 8: Pub Simulator

Produced by Fenella Jamieson & Paddy Rees

A daily dose of pub ASMR

Episode 9: The Afterlife With Julius Ceasar

Produced by Fenella Jamieson & Paddy Rees

You’ve heard about him in your history books, but have you ever wondered what Julius Ceasar was like in real life?

Episode 10: The Martians

Produced By Fenella Jamieson & Paddy Rees

A once in a life time exclusive interview with the first humans to set foot on Mars.