Dominic Glynn (Doctor Who Music Composer) Interview

This Thursday, Mornings with Tom featured an AFTRS FM exclusive interview with Doctor Who theme and music composer, Dominic Glynn, who worked on the famous British science fiction program from 1986 to 1989.

Glynn at the age of 23 wrote to then producer, John Nathan-Turner, pitching himself as an incidental music composer to the BBC, who liked his material and asked for incidental music for the forthcoming series in production.

Across his time on the show, Dominic Glynn composed music for five stories:

  • The Mysterious Planet
  • The Ultimate Foe
  • Dragonfire
  • The Happiness Patrol
  • Survival

Glynn also had the opportunity to arrange the theme for the Sixth Doctor’s opening and closing title sequences, which appeared in the 1986 season and being received as a fan-favourite composition.

Dominic Glynn performed the theme live at various events, once with Colin Baker (The Sixth Doctor) giving one of his famous speeches in the beginning.

He has since brought back his music in three LPs, The Gallifrey Remixes, The Ravalox Remixes and The Happiness Patrol remixes.

Glynn also speaks highly of his fond memories on working on the story The Happiness Patrol, in which he got to work closely with writer Graeme Curry, who also had a deep musical appreciation.

You can hear the full interview curated by Tom Denham below:

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