Award-Winning Radio Journalist, Erin Ramsay Is The Coolest Chick In Radio, There We Said It.

The Radio Broadcast landscape is constantly evolving, the industry is no longer all about who you know and specialising in one solid role. In fact, the push for people with multifaceted skill sets is fast becoming the norm, along with the incredible talent that is blossoming in the wings – ENTER Radio Journo, Erin Ramsay.

When the wigs come out mid-interview, you know it’s going to be an absolute hoot! The oh-so talented Breakfast Newsreader for the Central Coast’s Star FM 104.5, Erin Ramsay caught up for a chat with Megan from the AFTRS FM Saturday Breakfast show, and we can confirm that she is just as funny as she is talented. A born storyteller, Ramsay began her career as a dancer and an actor and then with a series of well-timed choices, Ramsay found herself at Uni learning the ropes as a journalist and she fell in love with it.

“I totally fell in love with broadcast journalism” Erin said “what really drew me to it was the story telling, and more importantly covering regional content that I have been doing for the past 3-odd years and making sure that the voices in the smaller communities are being heard.”

Photo Credit: @ErinRamsay Instagram

But what truly is inspiring about Erin is her passion in uplifting those with aspirations in the industry around her, and passing on the same guidance that she received.

“I went into journalism off the back of being a dancer my whole life” Erin said “The discipline in dancing is harsh you know, and so to step from that into journalism, thinking that the girls were going to be brutal, and not want to help me…” Surprised by what she found, Erin continued. “I went in there and I have made life-long friends and the girls that I don’t speak to as often, who are also killing it in the industry, we constantly check-in on each other.”

It’s easy to see (and hear) why Erin has already made a huge impact on her peers. Ramsay won the ACRA for best newcomer on-air in 2019, she took out the best news reader in the Radio Today 30 under 30 awards and we know that this is just the first of many!

Hear the full interview with the divine Erin Ramsay below!

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