Audio Drama 2021

The Graduate Diploma in Radio Full Time team have produced a range audio fiction stories, filled with Narrative full cast stories created for the ear. These audio dramas are a series of writer’s room style pieces, which are developed to be exclusive to the audio-world where sonic listening can be applied. Each episode follows the theme of “decluttering”, which each piece explores from a different lense.

The 2021 Audio Drama Series was made possible with the mentoring from Ryan Pemberton, Pieter Aquilia and Kate Stone

Truth Or Lie

Written & Produced By Tom Denham, Maybelle Lin and Owen Davies

A father and daughter face an ultimatum, but not without the excuse to go down memory lane on the way.

Marco Polo

Written & Produced By Helena ConstanellisPatrick Rees and Lachlan Brickley

An on-the-run mob boss seeks redemption with his sister. But as a nun, she is faced with the decision to save him or face his sins.

Engulfed By Flames

Written & Produced By Olivia HillErielle Sudario and  Brenton Larney

A couple decides if a dog is worth saving during an apocalyptic bushfire.

Cairo 2030

Written & Produced By Charles Goodsir and Frazer Johnson

In the not too distant future of 2030, newly crowned Pharaoh of Egypt King Mido plans to destroy the Pyramids of Giza and erect a new city in its place.


Written & Produced By Scott Leek, Fenella Jamieson and Tom Reeve

New to the streets, law student Ashley takes her father’s taxi out for a spin to see if driving is in her blood.

Mental Clutter

Written & Produced By Charlie Meller, Bek Wagstaff and Sam Maloney

Jessie has struggled with anxiety and depression all his life and signs up for an experimental procedure that should purge the thoughts from his mind. But, his twin sister Alex learns that the procedure will take more than just the harmful feelings.