Audio Dramas Launch For 2021

If you’ve been listening to the afternoon and night shows, you will have noticed that the AFTRS FM team have been taking storytelling to the max.

A collection of short-form audio dramas are being broadcast across the week that have been collaborated on by groups of people from AFTRS FM in a writer’s room style format.

With a sonic sense of sound engineering and storytelling, each of these pieces take the theme “Decluttering” and portray this through a wide variety of different episodes, which all explore the implications of space, ambition, desire and loss.

Duncan Fellows has lend his voice talent to a variety of the pieces along with many of the team.

The writing process was completed with the mentoring assistance from Kate Stone and the sound production elements were guided by Ryan Pemberton.

You can hear the audio dramas on-air during the afternoon and night programs or on our dedicated webpage.

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