Are vaccine passports a good idea?

There’s a lot of debate at both state and federal level about whether Australia should implement vaccine passports and how we’re going to do so.

New polling shows the majority of Australians support vaccine passports and mandatory vaccines for vulnerable workers as part of the pathway out lockdown. 

An exclusive Resolve Political Monitor survey for The Sun-Herald and The Sunday Age showed 73 per cent of people agreed that a vaccine passport to prove you’ve had the jab is a good idea. 

67 per cent also reckon “if people choose not to vaccinate, venues or workplaces should be able to not let them in”. 

Australians strongly support vaccines to be mandated in high-risk settings, including aged care and quarantine, with 82 per cent favouring the idea. 

Federal Political Reporter, James Massola tells us why Vaccine Passports are so popular. 

Back home at AFTRS, students are keen to get back on campus by any means necessary with 81 per cent willing to attend morning classes and 67 per cent willing to attend afternoon classes in a staggered fashion.

69 per cent wouldn’t mind catching some rays as they’re open to outside learning.

Some are even happy for a real change to the schedule. 39 per cent said weekend classes could be a go and 63 per cent suggested completing subjects next year could be an option.

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