AFTRS FM has “A Bit Going On”

This week on the current affairs podcast ‘A Bit Going on’, Producer Maybelle brings you stories about Paralympic pay and cultural appropriation.

Each episode is a conversational look at a question that you’re already asking this week or probably been on your mind before.

A Bit Going is broadcasted on Mornings with Lachie, and can also be found on Acast and iHeartRadio podcasts.

Jump right into it and listen to Episodes 1-2 below.

Episode 1: Paralympic Pay

Written & Produced By Maybelle Lin

With Olympics wrapping up and the Paralympics still in full swing, there’s been lots of hubbub about atheletes’ lifestyles, adversities, and potential to become a medallist. But how much do medallists get paid? The answer isn’t exactly equal.

Episode 2: Conning Congee

Written & Produced By Maybelle Lin

From celebrities to fashion giants, it seems like every month, someone is accussed of cultural appropriation. So, what’s the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation? Are people just too sensitive? Learn about it on your coffee break.

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