1 Week Of Conflict

Source: 12019 – Pixabay

It’s been 1 week since the Taliban took over the city of Kabul, the Capital of Afghanistan. And since then, there has been constant reporting of gunshots and violence, and a spokesperson of Taliban told women to stay at home as a temporary measure. At the same time, thousands of Afghani citizens are attempting to flee the country and those overseas worry about their families and loved ones.

Is the Taliban all talk and no action? Will peace ever come to this country?

Erielle Sudario speaks to UNSW’s Dr Srinjoy Bose, an expert on Afghanistan’s Politics, to simplify the complicated which are the events unfolding currently in Afghanistan.

This interview may contain topics that may be distressing for some listeners. Discretion is advised. This interview was broadcasted on The Breakdown – airs at 5pm Weekdays on AFTRS FM.

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