What you need to know about cycling laws in Sydney

Cyclists must follow the same road rules as all other users (under NSW law a bicycle is considered a ‘vehicle’). Since March 2016 the ‘Go Together’ initiative has lead to new legislation for cyclists and drivers.

For Drivers:

  • Drivers can now (when it is safe to do so) cross centre lines, straddle lane lines and drive on painted islands when overtaking cyclists to give them enough space.
  • Penalties ($319 fine or loss of two demerit points) apply for drivers who do not pass cyclists safely.

For Cyclists:

  • Cyclists need to be considerate and give way to pedestrians when using shared paths. One metre distance is recommended for overtaking on shared paths.
  • There are also increases to fines for cycling offences. Failing to stop at a child or pedestrian crossing has gone from $71 to $425, running a red light ($71 to $425) and riding without a helmet ($71 to $319). Riding at night without lights is also up from $71 to $106.

For more information check out: roadsafety.transport.nsw.gov.au/campaigns/go-together/index.html