Something for your earbuds: Podcasters that are female, friendly and Australian

It’s a really exciting time for female duos. Podcasts are finally running full steam ahead and they’re showcasing the talented women Australia has to offer.

The women leading the way with not only female duo-ing but also podcasts, were Angela Catterns and Wendy Harmer, with their podcast, ‘Is it just me? Starting way back in 2008 it paved the way with relatable topics alongside tonnes of laughs. Their podcast ran seasonally from 2008-2010 and you can still listen to their timeless banter here.


Image: ABC


The second duo doesn’t need much of an introduction as they already scoop up thousands of listeners across Australia every evening on the KIIS Network. The Thinker Girls , Stacey June and Kristie Mercer, take the lead by talking about the thoughts you’re thinking but not saying. Their conversational and high energy show originally started as a podcast, as their topics were seen as a little too risky for Australian Radio. These girls stuck to their guns and became a huge success. You can listen to Stace and Kristie every night on KIIS, but check out their podcasts here.

Image: KIIS


If you want to know about the latest program on Netflix, the Australian music scene or just want to hear Myf Warhurst serenade your ears with whatever nostalgic song seems appropriate for this moment, well then bang in some ear buds and bang on with the delightful duo, Myf Warhurst and Zan Rowe. The ladies release a 30 minute podcast weekly about current events, arts and culture. They’re relatable and interesting people in general, with great chemistry that you feel a part of. Their podcast feels like something they really care about and want to share with you.. they even hand made badges for their listeners. Subscribe on to Bang On with whatever app you get your podcasts from.

Image: ABC


Chat 10 looks 3 is an interesting Pod, as it’s got a nice little narrative in each of their episodes. ABC big names, Annabel Crabbe and Leigh Sales invite the listener in to have a chat. They take the listener along with them to their coffee date or when they catch the lightrail together. It’s not overcomplicated and is full of laughs. The duo talk about books, television, radio, movies, food, politics and whatever else they feel like. Even show tunes. Find out here what these ladies care about, as chances are you will too.

Image: ABC


The last duo I’d like to bring to your earholes are not just on podcasts, but on stage, in your TV boxes and across your radio waves. The sister duo, Hannah and Eliza Reilly, have most recently been all over Facebook and on ABC with their show ‘Growing up Gracefully’. The pair navigate their way through the question of how they should grow up by following advice from the old (etiquette books and classes) and the new (online articles). This brings up many hilarious moments and sifts through questions we’ve all asked growing up but have never received straight answers to. The sisters have many different endeavours solo and as a pair. Hannah does a sex podcast on Triple J and the pair are often on FBi radio. But for their most up to date golden moments, head to iVIEW to watch the latest episodes of ‘Growing up Gracefully’.

Image: ABC


By Chloe MacKenzie

Graduate Diploma in Radio, AFTRS