Neil Finn’s emerges ‘Out of Silence’ with new album

A creative process usually takes time, especially when producing music albums. Kiwi singer, songwriter and musician Neil Finn, well-known as a member of the iconic group Crowded House, is attuned to this.

There’s also a huge movement in the industry, utilising the mediums of social media. Finn has pushed his music to instantly reach his audience.  “I have done a lot of webcasting, live-streaming over the years,” he says. “I love the format. I love the uncurated nature of it, that I can be freewheeling and do anything I want. TV is very different. There’s always someone else who has the brief for TV. If I said to a camera person on a TV show, ‘Hey, check that out over there, go film that,’ they’d look at me like I was mad.”

This is the premise of his latest album, Out of Silence, released digitally today (September 1st).

Every Friday in August, Neil Finn gathered an ensemble of friends, family, songwriters and musos at his Roundhouse Sudios in Auckland, and live streamed the sessions on Facebook. They played a whole bunch of songs new and old and created new arrangements.

The last stream was the actual recording of his new solo album…now one week later?  He’s achieved something quite phenomenal – 11 tracks, recorded in four hours, produced, mixed, mastered and delivered to us within a week.

“I’m always interested in setting the bar as high as I possibly can and then I have to live up to it. That can be quite painful ­sometimes.” Neil says of his album.

Neil Finn is a favourite of AFTRS FM. Be sure to listen in for his new tracks.

‘Out of Silence’ will also be available on CD September 15 and vinyl in October.

Article written by Joanna Lodge