Love Your Sister founder Connie Johnson dies of cancer

It was difficult to even write the title ‘Connie Johnson dies of cancer’. Writing ‘passed away’ seems easier, because cancer can be a difficult word to say.

This is the way Connie Johnson wanted to be remembered though. She asked her brother – actor Samuel Johnson to announce “Connie Johnson died of cancer” on their Facebook charity page Love Your Sister.









Love Your Sister charity has raised more than 4 million dollars towards cancer research.


Connie Johnson, mother of two, spent her life devoted to fighting for a cancer cure. She touched the nation with her own fight to beat the insidious disease.

“Me and cancer, well, we have a love hate relationship, I absolutely hate cancer, but unfortunately cancer loves me,” she said.

At just the age of just 11 Connie was diagnosed with a bone tumour in her leg and a decade later cancer was found in her womb.By 33, the cancer travelled to her spine, pelvis, lungs and liver and she received her terminal diagnosis.

“I think about my children growing up and them experiencing in their lifetime cures, better treatments and a world where cancer doesn’t tear families apart the way it does now,” she said.

Connie Johnson was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia by Governor-General at her Canberra hospice earlier today. Samuel Johnson  said how proud he felt when the Governor-General placed the medal on Connie’s chest.

“It was a perfect rainbow in a dark storm.”

Connie Johnson stepped away from fundraising efforts in July, when she made the move to Clare Holland House.