Forget Spotify, this is where to find your new favourite song

We’ve received a lot of great feedback on the AFTRS FM tunes. We play things like the brand new Paul Kelly to Primus to Sydney’s own Odette. Plus it’s a Despacito free zone!

But when the broadcast finishes up this week where are you going to get your dose of musical goodness? Here are six nifty places to find your next favourite band:

  1. Music blogs. There are thousands out there but some personal faves include Australian blog Sound Doctrine, The Wild Honey Pie (out of the US), the dreamy Eucalypt Music and The Line Of Best Fit.
  2. Pitchfork. This music review site often gets a bit of a bad rap, but it is a pretty efficient way to find brand new tracks as soon as they drop. It’s also a really easy site to navigate.
  3. Music Podcasts. Seattle-based radio station KEXP puts out a weekly podcast called Music That Matters that is excellent. It has a different host each week so the music is eclectic and interesting. Another great music podcast is Project U which features AFTRS FM’s very own Grace Garde. You can expect pop music, pop culture and hilarious banter. And there’s also Song Exploder which (with the help of the artist) takes a microscopic view of one of their songs.
  4. Record stores. There’s nothing better than finding a gem in a crate of records or following the recommendation of a knowledgeable staff member. Some of the best stores in Sydney include Title (Surry Hills), Repressed Records (Newtown) and The Record Crate (Glebe).
  5. Shazam. An app that tells you exactly what’s playing around you (whether it’s the background song of an ad, something playing on the radio or a bangin’ tune in your favourite cafe). The technology behind the app is pretty darn amazing. My last three Shazam’d songs were Fire Sign, Forgot Myself and Lucky Girl. What about you?
  6. Bandcamp. A site for musicians to upload and sell their music to fans. The Bandcamp Weekly podcast is a good place to start, or check the ‘new and notable’ tab down the bottom for the hottest new releases from around the world. If you sign up (it’s free) as a ‘fan’ you can add things to your wishlist/cart. The more other fans you follow, the more music you get to see in your feed. Here’s a cool fan to follow to get you started 😉