Childcare workers go on strike

Over 3,000 early childhood educators went on strike across the country at 3:20pm today. It was the biggest walk-off in childcare history with 95% of workers taking part. It’s also the second time the sector has taken national action over the past few months.

Why is this happening?

The protest is over pay and conditions.  The strike was chosen for 3:20pm to represent the time they started working for free.

Childcare workers receive extremely low wages – around $21 per hour, despite spending between 18 weeks and four years studying to qualify for their positions.

Sophie Jones from the Kurilpa Childcare Centre in Brisbane “It’s not enough and we deserve more for what we do educating children in everyday life,” she said.

“We want to keep our staff and unfortunately some of them can’t stay afloat with the minimum wage.”

What are they asking for?

Childcare workers are asking for more Government assistance – calling for a wage increase of around 35 per cent.

What is to follow?

During rallies across the country today, Union members voted to take further industrial action. 

Parents across the nation were inconvenienced by the strike but many said they were supportive of the action, and agreed that staff should be paid more.

By Joanna Lodge