BREAKING: Earthquake hits Mexico with Tsunami expected to follow

An Earthquake in Mexico, with a magnitude of 8.1 has  left at least five people killed and houses devastated, in the southern state of Chipas.

Mexico’s President said “The earthquake was the biggest the country has seen in a century”

Soldiers survey damage on the streets

Aftershocks are continuing –  the state is warned a stronger shock could occur in the next 24 hours, possibly of up to 7.2 on the scale.

Authorities say the earthquake has triggered a Tsunami. The largest wave is expected to measure one metre above tide level.

The US Tsunami Warning System said hazardous waves were also possible on the Pacific coasts of several Central American countries, including Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Honduras, within three hours.

Debris from a collapsed wall sits in Oaxaca after the quake

Whether the earthquake could generate a tsunami along the coastline of other countries is still being assessed. New Zealand in particular, is on alert, and initial assessments are still under way.