She plays the cello, guitar and the piano. Her voice is the that kind of raspy we love. She is beautiful, outspoken, talented.

This is Betty Who.

One of AFTRS FM’s favourite artists is a singer-songwriter from Australia who is currently living in the United States. Dubbed by many as Australia’s “Pop-Priestess”, Betty Who’s synth-pop bangers have been topping the dance charts since 2014’s Slow Dancing.

In 2014 Who was in good company when she toured with Katy Perry on her The Prismatic World Tour and Kylie Minogue on her Kiss Me Once Tour. At the time Who spoke to V Hits in a video interview and said the first night of the tour with Katy Perry was “crazy” and she “freaked out”. Well who wouldn’t!

The beauty is also an outspoken LGBTQ ally and back in June penned a beautiful letter to the community, on request by Billboard. 

Finally, my favorite time of year has come: Pride Season. From the first show I ever played in NYC (where I sold out a tiny club on the Lower East Side and, truth be told, thought my dad had paid for all the tickets when in reality it was just 85 gay men ready to dance with me) to the incredibly heartwarming Home Depot marriage proposal video of Spencer and Dustin in Salt Lake City, my entire career has been shaped and defined by the LGBTQ+ community. It is such an honor to play pride festivals every summer.

Pride is a celebration of exactly that: being proud of who you are. I am reminded so often by the people I meet and the shows I play that finding a place to be yourself, finding a community of people who accept you for all that you were meant to be is entirely too rare. But every summer, without fail, I get to stand in front of a group of humans who are young, old, gay, straight, loud, queer, dressed up, undressed, whatever they want to be. And it’s okay. It is absolutely and entirely okay. I can’t think of anything more special than that. – Betty Who

By Mariam Belle