Behind the eight ball

Bean Sprout Macro /Public Domain Pictures
Bean Sprout Macro /Public Domain Pictures

EVER feel like you’re totally behind the 8 ball? You know, you’ve probably got friends who’ve completed their degrees, off working in the real world, probably already managers by now, I bet they have staff under them…like you care…you tell yourself. Heck some of them are off doing honours, masters, or even PhDs! Soon you’ll have to address them as Dr! Give me a break!

Well, if that bothers you a little, think about the poor friends of Henry VI. Little Henry became King of England at the age of 9 months. His friends had to call him king!

At what age did you look around and realise a good deal of your friends were grown ups? You know what I mean, not just renting somewhere and going out every night, I mean the whole 9 yards – whatever that works out in metres? You know what I’m talking about, those friends that seem to have a grown up job and are no longer working at a fast food restaurant. Those friends are now in executive roles, have kids, a mortgage, and are now working 80 hour weeks…eh maybe growing up isn’t so great after all?

Are your friends all grown ups or is it the other way around – you’re the grown up and your friends, not so much?

Have you decided, to hell with this growing up thing…I just wanna have a happy life not fearing the opinions of others because, it’s my life, not theirs?