Australia’s Cutest Arachnids

Spiders. not the type of animal that you would normally consider to be cute, or cuddly. but the photo you see above is not fake. Peacock spiders are completely real, and scientists here in Australia have just found another 5 species of the little critters.

typically, peacock spiders are tiny, only growing to a few millimetres in size. but what they lack in stature they make up for in flair, with males of each species rocking striking colours, intricate patterns, and some very interesting courtship moves…


Peacock spiders are part of the jumping spider family, and are named after the colourful display on the upper side of their abdomen. by raising and vibrating the fan on the upper side of their abdomen,   along with their longer third legs, peacock spiders put on their colourful display . their are over 60 species of Peacock spiders, with most being found in South Australia, but the recently discovered species  were found in  Western Australia, near the town of Albany.


Dr Jurgen Otto is the man responsible for the documentation of these colourful arachnids, and has been photographing them for nearly a decade now, resulting in some amazing pictures of these brand new species of spider.


all photos courtesy of the ABC and Jurgen Otto


Peacock spiders have got to be the most friendly looking spiders around, but if these guys alone can’t cure your arachnophobia, the internet has the solution.