AFTRS Student Op Shop Fashion

AFTRS Students get that Opshopping is the way to go. AFTRS FM wanted to celebrate National Op Shop week so we asked around to find out who was parading pre-loved outfits.

Oliver sporting a complete second hand outfit. Oliver said he loved Opshopping and suggest Rozelle and Paddington Vinnies as great places to go!

Rebecca thinks that buying second hand clothes is great for ethical reasons. Great for the environment! Great for workers rights by not supporting fast fashion! Rebecca’s coat was a bargain buy.

Ange one of our AFTRS Staff wears a complete pre-loved outfit and our favourite item was probably the cardi.

Sam likes op-shops but can never find shoes that fit! However Sam scored these converse shoes from a shop in Nowra, NSW.

Only in a opshop you’ll be able to find a jumper with cute puppy tails on the back. Georgie looks smiley in this flashback kinda jumper.

AFTRS Students also tend to like second hand clothes from friends or family. Chloe’s jumper (which looks more like wings) was given to her by her grandma. Chloe likes to find opshop’s in every city she travels to. She believes its a cool insight into the locals of the area.

Bea was handed down this cool top that says “La Revolution” by her mum.